20 May

20 May

Through the hilly Emmental and Entlebuch


Discover the unknown region between Berne and Lucerne, and pay a visit to the patron saint of travellers

The hike over the hills leads us through traditional farmland. Isolated farmhouses are scattered throughout the landscape like dice on a green playing field, and tell us stories about the difficult living conditions on the isolated farms until only a few decades ago.

Between the cantons we cross, in addition to the political border, a cultural and religious border as well. The hills are still the same, but the architecture changes and there is even a different breed of cow grazing behind the fences.

Before reaching Schüpfheim we will visit the St. Josephskapelle with its altar of the 14 Good Samaritans, who will bless not only far travelled pilgrims, but also tired hikers.


Starting point: Mettlenalp
End point:        Schüpfheim

450 mmap Entlebuch hike Switzerland
800 m
approx. 4.5 hours
   Difficulty level

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Price: 70


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