"Green Trail offers guided hiking tours in all regions of Switzerland, and gives you the chance to discover the country in a way you won‘t find in the guide books. "

Are you looking for one of the countless hiking opportunities on offer in Switzerland? You’ll find a hike to suit you in the extensive programme. Discover hidden valleys, clear lakes, green meadows, typical Swiss culture and traditions while meeting new likeminded people. Discover the little wonders of nature just beside the hiking trails.

Upcoming hikes: 26 August

 A panoramic road to panoramic views


Discover a mystical moorland in Central Switzerland.



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16 September

Around and on top of the Wiriehorn


Enjoy the Bernese Oberland far away from the fancy holiday resorts.



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2 September

From one pass to another over the heights of the Jura


The hike extends over two summits and links two passes on the Jura long-distance hiking trail.


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