Difficulty levels

  easy hike:  No long ascents or descents; in general broad hiking trails; sports shoes are fine.
  medium hike: Some longer or ascents or descents; in general on good hiking trails; trekking shoes with griping soles are required.
  difficult hike: Longer and steep ascents and descents; narrow hiking trails; for some hikes you should be surefooted and not be afraid of heights;  solid hiking boots; no sports shoes please.


To take with you:

  •      rain jacket/trousers, umbrella (even on a sunny day, the weather in the mountains may change rapidly)
  •     fleece jacket (even on a hot summer day, see above)
  •     sunglasses, sun cream and sunhat
  •     1 litre to drink, for longer hikes 2 litres
  •     lunch and snacks
  •     hiking poles (recommended)

Pack as lightly as possible; a small rucksack is easier to carry