25 October

25 October

Chräche u Höger (Emmental)


Something other than cheese? Get to know the unknown side of the Emmental.

“Valleys” and “hills” are only approximate translations of “Chräche u Höger”. The Emmental is is known first and foremost for its cheese with its typical big holes. But the Emmental offers some surprising aspects, apart from the expected green meadows and the milk cows. Curious? Find out more about French gardens, ski slopes for school gym lesson and a village for young politicians.

Once we have the first ascent behind us, a gently rising and falling trail passing hamlets and impressive farmhouses leading to the one and only tree of the Chabisberg, (cabbage mountain – though it has nothing to do with the vegetable) before we descend again towards the end point.


Starting point: Kleindietwil
End point:        Rohrbach

400 m
400 m
approx. 4 hours
  Difficulty level 


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Price: CHF 70