11 August

11 August

High above the Walensee


There is no need to make a trip to the Caribbean. Admire the fantastic colours of the Walensee from high above.

Our day starts with an adventurous ride on an open cable car up to Alp Selun. In some ups and downs we walk on the typical karst formation and pass the dolines, or the so called thunder-holes. Might we hear the thunder from inside the earth?

The steep ascent to the Leistcham is well worth the effort, as the view from the top is spectacular and you will surely be tempted to dive straight in the turquoise lake. An easy path leads down to Arvenbühl, near Amden where the post bus and train bring us back.

Possibility to leave out the top of Leistchamm (hiking time 3 hours and 300 m less difference in altitude).

Starting point: Starkenbach   
End point:        Arvenbühl (Amden)

700 m
1000 m
approx. 5 hours
Difficulty level

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 Price: CHF 80, including cable car


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