5 May

5 May

The magical moorlands of Zug


Glaciers, moors and swamps are the architects of this part of the canton of Zug, far away from modern glass buildings.

A short ascent leads us up to Zittenbuech and soon we leave Unterägeri behind us. Old photographs show us how the village has changed over the last decades. Despite the modern side of Zug, the cooperatives and the place of citizenship still play a role for the established families.

Before entering the forest, we take a last look back over the Ägerisee. After reaching the plateau we cross the moorlands and take in the features of a landscape formed by the glaciers. We will walk on a hidden path through the moors and feel the soft ground under our feet. Who knows, maybe we’ll even find the cottage of the notorious Moor Witch! Shortly we will reach the Zugerberg and the funicular that brings us down to Zug.




Starting point: Unterägeri
End point:        Zugerberg


400 m
200 m
approx. 3.5 hours
  Difficulty level 


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Price: CHF 70


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