17 June

17 June

To the centre of the Swiss mechanical industry in the Jura


What do Lenin, Josephine Baker and Ernest Hemingway have in common?

They all either used a product of Sainte-Croix or had an influence on the economical prosperity of the town in the Jura. Sainte–Croix, at 1,000 m above sea level, was for decades the centre of the Swiss mechanical industry and exported its products to the whole world.

We start in the industrial town and hike up over the ridge to the Chasseron, a landmark in the region. On reaching the summit, we will discover a breathtaking panorama.  We leave the “balcon du Jura” and continue to La Robella, from where the chairlift brings us easily down to Buttes. The courageous can ride down by kick scooter.


Starting point: Sainte Croix     
End point:        Buttes

650 m
450 m
approx. 3.5 hours
   Difficulty level

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Price: CHF 80, including chairlift


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